What’s on the horizon?

Hello there little fellas. We’ve been involved in a great space adventure these days and we bring you some conclusions.

We have noticed how HARD is to make the game known by people when it’s only in iOS platform. We’ve sended lots of mails, introduced the game in many forums, distributed lots of promocodes, and hey, one of our biggest mistakes when developing the game was to isolate ourselves from the public and social webs.

We thought that it was better to invest our game on finishing and getting the game better instead of making noise of something unfinished. What a big mistake! We’re now seeing the results of that and what this decision are affecting the game. Only a few people know the game because of that and when a game is only in one platform, it’s even worse!

But we are human after all and we’ve learned from our mistakes, it will not happen to us again. So, what’s the good news? At first we’ve recently uploaded to apple a free version of the game with more than a world to play, then if you want to unlock the full game you pay what it costs (like the common game).

And there’s more to come, we are currently developing the Android version and the game will also come on PC & Mac versions. Now we’re planning some things to add to the game (undecided yet) and try to make a following of these updates on many websites and forums, just to try a bit if we can redeem ourselves of this troll cave social isolation.

So let’s see what happen with this free version and make some changes while releasing it on Android and other platforms. We hope that we’re doing things right by now, there’s still a lot of work to do and we need all the strong that you can give us, so be nice and spread the word! 🙂


4 responses to “What’s on the horizon?

  1. These all feel like great ideas to me 🙂 Highluckfive!

  2. Fabian

    I think you should dive right into the next app instead of holding on to this.
    Build a brand instead of trying to polish something that didn’t make the splash we all had hoped for.
    Otherwise you might lose all your motivating momentum. Take it as a learning experience and move on 🙂
    Your artistic and programming skills are far superior to be wasted in games of that scope 🙂
    gogogo, next project !!

    • Wise words man… We’ll think about it 😮

    • Izitmee

      I disagree! But I suck at knowing what an indie dev should do, so maybe I’m completely wrong. In my opinion, I believe that a new project already brings enough motivating momentum, so that’s not a problem. Instead, that’s a reason to push the current motivating momentum to try and bring DOT to the game peaks we all think it deserves. After all, doing all this marketing, new platforms, etc stuff will be a big lesson and teach you a lot of stuff, which will be useful on the next projects. So here are my 2 cents VS Fabian’s 3 cents 😀

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